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How long do these nails last?

It all depends on what you use to apply them. If you use the nail tabs, they can last up to a few days and  you can store them and use them again for your next event.  If you use nail glue, they can last up to 2 weeks.


What is included in the ready to ship kit?

The kit comes with 24 nails, glue, adhesive tabs, cuticle pusher, nail filer, nail buffer, alcohol wipe and instructions.


How do we know if the nails in the ready to ship kit will fit our nail bed?

There are 24 nails included in the ready to ship kit to ensure that there are at least 10 nails that will fit your nails perfectly.



Do Press on Nails damage your natural nails?

No they do not, if applied and removed correctly.


Cancellations and Returns

We aim to please, which is why we verify each and every set before it is shipped. Once the order has been placed and paid for, cancellations are not accepted. Products cannot be returned.