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How to


  1. Please make sure the nails are clean. Remove any polish. Dry them well.
  2. Push back the cuticles and gently file the top of nail for best adhesion.
  3. Nails will adhere to tips best if the nails are wiped with alcohol or nail polish remover.
  4. Find the false nails that fit the best on your nail bed. If necessary, file to fit.
  5. Lay the 10 false nails in order. This will make the application process go a lot smoother.
  6. If you want your false nails to last 2-3 days, apply with the adhesive tabs. If you want your false nails to last 1-2 weeks, apply the glue.

Tabs: Find the tab that best fits your nail.  Place the adhesive tab on the back of your press-on nail and firmly press the false nail in place.  Avoid water for approximately 2 hours.

Glue: Place glue all over your natural nail and firmly press the false nail in place.  Hold for 15 seconds.  TIP – try not to apply the glue too close to the edges as the glue will expand outside the nail once you press the false nail down.


  1. Place your fingertips in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Using a cuticle stick, gently lift the false nails off your natural nails. If necessary, remove any leftover glue by using a buffing block.
  2. Use moisturizer or cuticle oil in order to hydrate hands and nails.


Extra tips and tricks:

- If you want to change the shape or length of your nail, you can do so by simply using a nail file for minor shaping or a nail clipper for a shorter length. After you achieve the desired look, simply buff the edges of your nails to keep them smooth. 

- Avoid using creams or cuticle oils before application to ensure they stick properly. 

- Cut your natural nails as short as possible to avoid them surpasing the press on nails either lengthwise or by width. 


Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or mouth as glue bonds instantly. Consult a physician if glue adheres to your eyes. If glue adheres to your skin, soak in water and gently pull apart. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.